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Wayan & Maddi
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Welcome to Weyan and Maddi, your ideal destination for a delightful and relaxing breakfast experience that awakens your senses.

We strive to provide a warm and inviting environment for you to enjoy a delicious meal and start your day right.

We have a wide range of appetizing breakfast options to satisfy every craving.

All the way from Magical Bali beaches ,,
A couple finds themselves on an adventurous vacation in Bali, and inspired by Bali's charming atmosphere, they dream of opening its first restaurant to serve delicious breakfast and brunch meals, so they can remember those inspiring breezes from Bali and share them with their loved ones and friends in their city of Jeddah.

Visit us and share the joy of traveling with flavors that do not require passports! Come and enjoy our dishes carefully prepared with the freshest, most diverse ingredients and a touch of love.

Discover with us the perfect combination of flavors and touches that will leave you wanting more and join us at Wayan and Madi, where this name has a story that we tell you when you visit us and you enjoy breakfast with passion and a smile.

  • 7686 Amna Bint Wahab Street, 3634, Al Muhammadiyah, Jeddah 23621, Saudi Arabia
  • Wayan & Maddi